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Acoustic Run in October

September 18, 2015

Hey guys – I’m working on setting up a couple of acoustic runs in October. I’ll be posting the shows on the ‘Tour’ page as they come in. Keep your eyes open…hope to see you then!

Spring Tour 2015

April 7, 2015

Spring Tour

‘Perfect Fool’ video released

March 25, 2015

I played this song all last summer on tour with REO Speedwagon and Chicago, and I’ve finally released a version that you can hear online. Check out the new video:

‘The Way to Memphis’ – Live at IV Labs

February 24, 2015

Check out the newly released video for ‘The Way to Memphis’ in the videos section:

“When I Look At You” video released

January 5, 2015

Hope everyone got everything they wanted from Santa, or whoever brings you gifts over the holidays. And if gifts aren’t your thing, I hope you got everything you didn’t want.  To start your 2015 off on the right shoe, here’s a new tune for ya:

‘London’ – Live at I.V. Labs Video

December 4, 2014

The first of 10 new videos is up!  Check it out in the video section.

Special 3-Disc Box Set

November 25, 2014

For a limited time only, you can get the 3-Disc Tim Stop Box Set at the store.  That includes all 3 of Tim’s studio albums and a leather display case.  Shipping is free, and you’ll also get a copy of Tim’s unreleased live album “Live at I.V. Labs”.  Check it out here:

Chicago Video Shoot

October 13, 2014

I spent last week in Chicago doing a live video shoot with some of the best players in town.  Michael Tahlier on lead guitar, Matt Nelson on keys, Tim Seisser on bass and Rich Stitzel on percussion.  We cut 10 live tracks, which I’ll be releasing over the course of the next few months.  Can’t wait to get them to you.  Here’s a shot from Studio A:


Women’s ‘ATA’ Sun T-Shirt on sale this week!

September 16, 2014

Hey ladies! Because I like you all so very much, the Women’s ‘ATA’ Sun T-Shirt is 40% off all this week.

Seriously though, this is one my favorite shirts that we have. Oh, and it runs a little tight :) Not being creepy, just thought you should know…

Tour Wrapped

September 3, 2014

The tour with REO and Chicago went fabulously.  It was fun getting to know the guys in the bands and crews, and see how they do things on tour.   Let me tell you, these guys are as nice as they are great at their jobs.   Thanks to all the wonderful people I met along the way…stay in touch!





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Date Venue Location
10/08/15 Crust 299 Main St Address 299 Main St Tim Stop in Dubuque, IA 7:30pm Time 7:30pm


To my KC homies, I'm playing here tomorrow night at 7:30 pm (The Cashew in the Crossroads). Free show...would love to see you!

This little guy and two of his siblings will be hanging at our place for the next couple weeks. It's a whole lot of cute.

dcody5 What a cutie! ( and the kitten's pretty cute too. ) 😉
About 1 week ago
timstop @dcody5 :)
About 1 week ago

Here's the awesome couple (James and Stefani) that I played for in Albuquerque. Honored to be a part of the their day.

Last touristy shot of the day. Seriously though I wonder how many lives have been threatened in this very booth.

rfrew What about the car wash!!!
About 2 weeks ago
timstop @rfrew haha thought about stopping by there but ran out of time. I did see saul's office tho...
About 2 weeks ago
janebianchi Omg! Amazing.
About 2 weeks ago
jojogehrke11 Ok- you are killing me with this stuff!
About 2 weeks ago
timstop @janebianchi @jojogehrke11 :)
About 2 weeks ago

Think I could throw a pizza on that roof?

constanzalorenzo Watch out for "Vamonos Pest"! Lol
About 2 weeks ago
timstop @constanzalorenzo I think the owners of the house were about to call them on me :)
About 2 weeks ago

Caught an early flight to Albuquerque this morning. I wonder if Jesse Pinkman still lives here.

constanzalorenzo And Heisenberg... 👏👏👏
About 2 weeks ago
timstop @constanzalorenzo yep!!
About 2 weeks ago

Going cowboy style tonight. Say hello to my bedroom for the evening.

sstop1x We would have offered you a real bed and a real roof.
About 2 weeks ago
timstop @sstop1x that sounds fabulous right now
About 2 weeks ago

#tbt. as in #thatbricktho.

mrsemilykearney Perfection!
About 3 weeks ago
nicknobleusa Great brick.
About 3 weeks ago
timstop @mrsemilykearney 👍🏻. And @nicknobleusa with the game-winner. Awesome.
About 3 weeks ago
keepitupguys ⬆️👏🏻
About 3 weeks ago
snichtercks Love.
About 3 weeks ago


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