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Women’s ‘ATA’ Sun T-Shirt on sale this week!

September 16, 2014

Hey ladies! Because I like you all so very much, the Women’s ‘ATA’ Sun T-Shirt is 40% off all this week.

Seriously though, this is one my favorite shirts that we have. Oh, and it runs a little tight :)  Not being creepy, just thought you should know…

Tour Wrapped

September 3, 2014

The tour with REO and Chicago went fabulously.  It was fun getting to know the guys in the bands and crews, and see how they do things on tour.   Let me tell you, these guys are as nice as they are great at their jobs.   Thanks to all the wonderful people I met along the way…stay in touch!



Chicago/REO Speedwagon Update

August 5, 2014

The tour is going great…follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Three more shows announced in Chicago, Indianapolis and Detroit.  Find out more on the Tour page.

‘ShadowBox’ release next week!

July 7, 2014

As a negative one-week anniversary present, here’s a listen to the new single “Still My Baby” -

Free Summerfest Tickets

June 18, 2014

If you’re thinking about coming to Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI this year, check out my Facebook page.  I’m giving away a few sets of free tickets.  Hope to see you!

‘ShadowBox’ Cover Art

May 29, 2014

ShadowBox Cover

Tour dates with REO Speedwagon and Chicago posted!

April 22, 2014

The tour across the US with REO Speedwagon and Chicago this summer has officially been announced. Check out all the dates at the tour page.

Album Name and Tracklist Released

April 15, 2014

We officially have a name for the new album: ‘Shadow Box’. It will include 8 tracks, 3 of which were recorded live at the Winspear Centre in Edmonton, AB. The other 5 are acoustic studio recordings and the first track, ‘Still My Baby’, will be the first single. No release date for the album is set, but it will be in summer 2014. The full tracklist:

1) Still My Baby
2) Someday
3) My Cherie Amour
4) Jon
5) IGY
6) Maria (Live in Edmonton)
7) London (Live in Edmonton)
8) The Way You Make Me Feel (Live in Edmonton)

New Acoustic Album Coming Soon

April 4, 2014

We’ve wrapped the tour in Canada, and are currently putting the finishing touches on a new acoustic project, which will include some new material, as well as some live recordings from the tour. More details to come soon!

Canada Tour

March 4, 2014

Hey guys! Canada is treating me so well so far, and I’m looking forward to heading west. Here’s a video of me from London – follow the rest of my tour on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!



Across the Atlantic Order

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Don't have an access code? Tim hands out dropcards at all of his shows. See you at the next one!


Date Venue Location
09/19/14 Wake Forest Campus Address Tim Stop in Winston Salem, NC 5:00pm Time 5:00pm


I was invited to play a beautiful wedding yesterday, which was on a farm, and someone caught a pic of me looking at the pigs. Which somehow looks like a JC Penney ad.

frickindannie Swanky.
About 3 days ago
lansing48 Nice threads bud!
About 3 days ago
timstop Haha thanks @lansing48. And @frickindannie :)
About 3 days ago
bearhug13 Singer🎸, model, ninja turtle🐢
About 2 days ago
timstop @bearhug13 haha well definitely the first and third :)
About 2 days ago

In case you were worried about how I spend my free time.

jessisntcute I do the same it's all good
About 5 days ago
timstop @jessisntcute :)
About 5 days ago

#tbt can anyone tell where this was from? Any guesses?

dayton814 Dallas! I saw you. You were great!
About 6 days ago
ashleydoyle_ dallas
About 6 days ago
seck26 The Gexa in Dallas! That's where I was introduced to your music & fell in LOVE with it! @timstop -- I listen to #London a lot!
About 5 days ago
gman21012 Charlotte
About 5 days ago
gman21012 Not Charlotte. It was Raleigh
About 5 days ago

A couple parting shots from an unbelievably fun tour. Thanks so much to REO Speedwagon and Chicago for having me, and to all of you for hanging with us!

timstop Thanks my friends!! @cindylou0529 didn't hear the prognosis, but he made through the end of the tour. Hopefully he's better soon!
About 2 weeks ago
angel81eyes Why is he on crutches @timstop
About 2 weeks ago
yellowbeeboutique Awww I went out to find you at the merch tables and you weren't there :( bummer. Loved your music! I will be buying it! Thanks for a great start to the show!
About 2 weeks ago
kathy5597 The concert in okc on Saturday was amazing!! Best night of the whole summer. Thanks @timstop
About 2 weeks ago
timstop @angel81eyes he sprained his calf during a show... @yellowbeeboutique so sorry I missed you!! You can get a signed cd on if ya like ;) thanks @kathy5597
About 2 weeks ago

A great way to end an awesome tour! #dallas #texasforever

brentnick Really enjoyed your singing tonight!!
About 2 weeks ago
dcubed1 Great way to start a wonderful night of music!
About 2 weeks ago
seck26 @timstop -- I've seen REO play 25 times. You were the best opening act I have seen with them. Loved your music!
About 2 weeks ago
wonderamber You were awesome!!! @timstop
About 2 weeks ago
jmosher102 You did an amazing job
About 2 weeks ago

You can't spell "rock" without OKC! You guys were awesome!

musiclvr27 Thanks Drea
About 2 weeks ago
timstop Thanks everybody!!
About 2 weeks ago
timstop @cindylou0529 yep, someone on fb this time :/ hope you get to check out the music online tho!
About 2 weeks ago
cindylou0529 I will. is your music on soundcloud?
About 2 weeks ago
best_kenzie Woop woop
About 2 weeks ago

Kevin Cronin of REO crashed my set last night. With a driver. Said he wanted to play through.

jennylarson Awesome
About 3 weeks ago
lindaeike Awesome job at the Air Park in OKC
About 2 weeks ago

So great to be here in Woodlands Texas! Thanks guys, you are awesome

kirby_ritter I'm in the back somewhere!!! 😀😀😂
About 3 weeks ago
jennylarson Tim it looks like you have a gnarly beard in that photo
About 3 weeks ago
xxalanabiersackbvbxx I was there!😍😍😍😍😍
About 3 weeks ago
xxalanabiersackbvbxx You're really talented! I want to become a singer as well when I become older.I've already written some songs.This was the first actual concert I've been to.You are amazing!😍😍😍😍😍
About 3 weeks ago
xxalanabiersackbvbxx @timstop
About 3 weeks ago