The Finish Line


Spent all day finishing the vocals on Half a World Away, Something’s Gotta Give, After You, Professional and A Little Bit Better.   Really productive day, and we’re officially done with vocals for this album.  Great feeling.  Next up, mix and master and this bad boy’s in the bank.


Making an album is really crazy and intense, especially when you’re on the ground level.  So many high and lows.  Some days you feel like a rock star and the next day you question whether you’re going to be able to finish it.   One day you feel like you have 8 hit songs and the next you wonder if any of them are any good.  That’s not an exaggeration.  Weathering the swings of this process has been extremely challenging and humbling.


But now, for better or for worse, the finish line is in sight.  We’re gonna work and scramble like crazy to make this thing the very best we can, but most of it is carved in stone.  And I’ll continue to wonder if I made all the right decisions, whether I should’ve held that note a little longer, whether we should have brought that guitar part down, so on and so forth, but overall I can say I’m damn proud of what we’ve done so far.  Can’t wait to wrap up it.


Thanks for staying with me all this time.  Look forward to getting it all to you soon!



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