The SOS Project

We’re officially rolling out the SOS Project today. That means that for each new Facebook ‘Like’ that my page gets, we’ll donate $1 to SOS Children’s Villages, a charity that works with orphaned children all over the world.

To help promote the project, we’ve sent out 25 CDs to people in 16 different states and 7 different countries.  Those 25 CDs will be passed from person to person, circulating the globe to raise money and awareness for SOS Children’s Villages.

You’ll be able to track the progress of the SOS Project at and at  And if one of the packages happens to fall into your hands, be sure to post it on the Facebook page, so everyone can follow its travels.

Also, we’ll be giving away 5 FREE songs to anyone who ‘Likes’ the page and provides their email address.

The SOS Project is all about spreading the word about my music while supporting a great cause in the process.  Our initial goal is $2,000, but with your help, we’ll raise even more. So tell your friends!

A huge thanks to Greg and Jen Ruggles and XPac in Milan, IL for sponsoring the SOS Project.

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