The City of Angeles

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks. I spent a week and a half recording two new songs (“London” and “Open Road”) with Aaron Johnson (who produced the Fray’s first two albums), flew back to Chicago on Wednesday, June 27 for a couple rehearsals, played a show Friday night, then drove to Milwaukee for a show at Summerfest (thanks for coming!!), and turned around right after to drive to Davenport to play another show that night. It felt almost as long as that sentence did.

The songs are almost ready. Can’t wait to have you hear them. For now, check out the demo versions on the listen page.

By the way, loved LA, which was unexpected. LA always came off as dirty and arrogant from afar, but it never felt that way up close. It was shocking how wonderful the weather was and how pretty the city was. I spent a half an hour driving up and down Mulholland Dr. The views…oh my. There may be more spectacular drives in the world, but I haven’t driven them yet. And, I was already a big Clippers fan. Win win.

I got to record at Sunset Sound in LA. In the same room that Prince recorded “Purple Rain” and Van Halen recorded “Van Halen I”. That has to be good, right? Also, the players on the songs are fabulous. Marc Slutsky on drums, Jonny Flower on bass, Tim Pierce on guitar and Zac Palmer on keyboards. You may not know their names, but they’re awesome.

New music to come soon. Talk to you then!

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