Cat on my Lap

Cat on my lap
song on my mind
wine in my glass
phone off the line

Quiet and calm
flawed but refined
the world, once just chaos
has order in kind

See, a piece of the trick
is learning to find
the peace in the pace
of the passing of time

Cuz I know pretty soon
the cat’s gonna bite
and that nice little tune
will drift off, like a kite

And with enough wine
my head will get light
and this bothersome phone will
be buzzing and bright

Then the order I’ve cherished,
that sweet lack of motion,
will dissolve into chaos
like salt in the ocean

The rest of the trick,
the coin’s other side,
is the patience to wait
while the storms pass you by

So if I bide the hours
and play my cards right
in another short while,
on another near night,

the world will take order
and again I will find
the cat on my lap
and a song on my mind.

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